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Breath Of Fresh Air Artesian Spring Alkaline Water & Madea's Tea w/No Sugar added

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Breath Of Fresh Air Artesian Spring Water

Breath  of Fresh Air (BOFA) Water is 100% Natural, Artesian Spring Water that has the  alkaline PH (Power of Hydrogen) level of 8 with no sugars and salts,  unlike sports drinks and soda.

BOFA runs from a protected and registered spring surrounded by acres of natural red rocks in Oak Creek Canyon, AZ.

The Artesian  Spring water gives your body natural, healthy minerals and plenty of  Earth’s natural goodness with a light, pristine water that tastes amazing like "a breath of fresh air."     


Naturally Sweetened Madea's Tea

 Madea's  Teas are inspired by the gentle, loving, and caring "Grandma's" all  around the world. We make sure to put all the wonderful, thoughtful  qualities of Grandma in each bottle.  Madea's Teas give you natural  sweetness,  healthy vitamins, and natural flavors to give you that  refreshing boost. Let Madea’s Teas fill you up to be your natural best.  Enjoy hot or chilled. 

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